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  • Market Segments

    Bags/Leather Goods
    Other Softgoods
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  • Hourly Rate

    40 open to negotiation
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  • Technologies

    Microsoft word
    Microsoft excel
    Final Cut Pro
    Chinese Pinyin Typing System
  • Schools/Training

    New York University
    Institudo Di Moda Burgo

More Information

1. Creative Direction Management: focuses on leadership, strategic planning, organization, and overall achievements I obtained for my clients when I either consulted and/or worked for them.

2. Design & Brand Consulting: this area summarizes the various international brands I consulted on-site to assist in launching their own accessory line of products. My ability to work independently, establish and maintain cross-functional communication/linguistic skills, and my ability to create products that cater to each client\'s specific brand image (cross referenced with my portfolio).

3. Production: I had the fortune to reside in a Chinese Factory (Wilson\'s Group Holdings Ltd.) for 1 year and received a comprehensive training in production line management, merchandising, and sourcing.

4. Multicultural Team Player, fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. All tech packs are done in either English or Chinese to mitigate any miscommunication.

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