Laura Mishell

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  • date: 6-10-20
Sustainable designer seeks employment as a creative assistant or product developer. Can creatively and collaboratively assist in custom projects. Currently seeking employment.
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2018 - The Road Traveled

2018 - The Road Traveled X
An amalgamation of my travels abroad while studying in university. Each outfit tells a story of my time in each city.

2017 - What Remains in Fashion

2017 - What Remains in Fashion X
This collection is inspired by the overly seductive, charismatic, and dramatic characters found in Vintage Hollywood movies. The garments are designed to be zero-waste and up-cycled.

2019 - Battle Royale

2019 - Battle Royale X
An independent brief for a boys 8-10 outerwear market.

2016 - The Wrath of God

2016 - The Wrath of God X
A school project at the London College of Fashion based on the story "The Red Shoes", by Hans Christian Andersen.
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    Technical Illustration
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    Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
    Microsoft Office
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