Mauricio Fernando Fernandes

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  • date: 2-19-18
I am a designer with more than 25 years of experience in shoes, developing products that are practically all over the world. I am looking o collaborate with companies that need to add value to their products, mainly emotional values.
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Emotional Shoes Design

Emotional Shoes Design X
Some of the works presented here in these look book were done while I was part of a large Brazilian company, and in a collaborative environment with very talented professionals.

women's design proposals

women's design proposals X
some sport/casual design proposals for the female market.

Heeled shoes

Heeled shoes X
Heeled shoes are icons of sensuality and fashion.

Sports Shoes

Sports Shoes X
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    Strategic Design (Unisinos)
    Industrial Design (UFPR), Mass Customization (Hong Kong University),
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Interested in all aspects of innovation in products, processes, entrepreneurship, design and marketing.
Especially involved with assigning value through products, services and teams developing
emotional relationship with people.
Born in Curitiba-PR, designer began career with rapid passages from the telecommunications sector,
automotive and now 26 years of experience in R & D of Grendene.
It has over 10 years of experience as a designer of different products to different consumers,
nearly 15 years in the design and management of projects in R & D, development of indicators and targets, coordinating teams.
Coordinated implementation of research and innovation area, also coordinating work with outside companies,
identifying market opportunities and value assignment on products and experiences.
He served as Manager of Design, with practical experience on all brands of the company, together with staff
multidisciplinary setting and performing design strategies and business.

Design Thinking
Strategic Design
Research and Development
open innovation
Mass Customization
behavioral movements
Digital acceleration

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