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Kristina Benshoff of "Provocation Designs" studied fashion design at The Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD). In the past she has worked as a graphic designer and an Assistant Merchandiser for a women and children pajama com
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Le Cirque de Mode

Le Cirque de Mode X
This collection is inspired by films in depression era traveling carnivals and the circus. I used designer offcuts, and ecofriendly fabrics, bamboo shirting, post consumer fabrics hemp silks and organic cottons. I also created my own digital print

Ohelia's Soliloquy

Ohelia's Soliloquy X
Fashion Designs inspired by Shakespearian Character Ophelia which was featured in NYFW and I was chosen as an Emerging Designer. Eco Friendly Designs, Digitally prints on organic cotton, silk, designer offcuts, and upcycled materials.

Theorem Collection

Theorem Collection X

London Calling

London Calling X
Designs inspired by the MOD 60's made for a Product of the 60's Fashion show and Fundraiser. Basket Dress made with leather, basket reeds and feather butterflies. Made for A costume Drama Fashion show, category: Nature.


Sayonara X
Ananda World Fashion show and fundraiser. Categories of the fashion show inspired by fashion around the world my category was Japan. I used vintage obi and kimono fabrics for belts and details of garments. Eco friendly fabrics, bamboo, hemp linens.

CAD and Design

CAD and Design X
work for a loungwear company, pattern design, using CAD systems. working as a graphic designer and assistant merchandiser for licensed and non-licensed brands. I also have freelance work and construction for DRC Apparel
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Visit my Website at

My job responsibilities included:
Working directly with designers and merchandisers developing concept boards and seasonal line sheets.
Planning and formulating research and development of potential product lines based on the current customer base and market trends.
Executing designs for private label and licensed sleepwear.
Graphic design, print and pattern development using CAD systems.
Flat sketching and masking bodies for the new seasons.
Maintaining a fabric resource and PMS color library to support seasonal inspiration.

I now design for my own Provocation line and do freelance work.

My Provocation line is a new outlet for her unique design concepts. It is a high end fashion line using more luxurious materials such as leathers and silks and eco-friendly fabrics with hand beading and couture details.

I am currently a costume designer working for the past 5 years as a costume supervisor. I have recently graduated with a MFA in fashion with a major of costume design from The Academy of Art University.

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