Valeria Higareda

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  • date: 12-8-22
Objective: To obtain a position within a reputable Clothing company that will allow for growth and utilization of skill sets.
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Senior Collection

Senior Collection X


Invidia X
2022 Junior Collection that is inspired by the feeling of envy. This collection incorporates envy through the use of symbolism such as color.

Under Pressure

Under Pressure X
Spring/Summer 2023 collection that includes both male and female looks inspired by geodes and rock formations. The collection incorporates upcoming trends and brand inspiration to achieve its aesthetic.


SnowKissed X
Fall/Winter 2023 collection inspired by the Y2K aesthetic. Incorporates pastel colors and prints in each garment.

Fire & Desire

Fire & Desire X
Fall/Winter 2021 collection inspired by the element of fire. Each look in the collection incorporates an aspect of fire such as volcanoes and ash. A physical upcycled garment is included.

About Time

About Time X
Men's collection designed for the 2020 MET Gala. The collection incorporates the theme About Time: Fashion and Duration, taking inspiration from Renaissance era garments to create a new take on male MET Gala looks.
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