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-Leather Based Accessories-
Four years of experience designing and producing leather based accessories for men and women. Sold under the name Todd Bloom Exclusive Accessories through specialty boutiques in U.S., Sweden and Designed all original pieces in the categories of watches, cuff bracelets, wallet/hip chains, wallets, belts, buckles, guitar straps and messenger bags. All pieces are made per order and are one of a kind or limited edition. All designs are handmade by me and can have up to 80 separate components used in the productions and embelishment of each piece. Designed and developed cutting dies for clicking of leather for production process. Sourced national and international suppliers for piece goods for embellishment and productions. Embelishments include- metal conchos-scew back application, metal components-riveted ,nailhead or hand wired application, rhinestones-riveted or nailhaed application, larger base metal components and rhinestoned components-hand wired application. Also developed my own process of layering metal components onto leather through a combination of riveting, glueing, and wiring and then working with a special seal to strengthen the finished product to hold up to everyday wear and tear. Sourced Dallas based company that does laser etching which etches all leather tags, authenticity cards, custom designs and wood etching of brand placed on wooden boxes used for merchandising.

-Womens Full Production Watch Line-
Experience in sourcing Chinese manufacturing companies for production work. Designed womens ribbon watch line with interchangeable watch bands. Produced 4200 watch faces with K & B watch Company based in HongKong. There are 6 different watch styles with 4 different color changes per style. Managed all steps in production process, designing, sample molding, production molds and full production run. Sourced all piece goods used for watch bands from local and national suppliers. Worked with Dallas based manufacturing company to produce watch bands. Managed all steps of productions helping set up production line, cutting, sewing, snap/embellishment, finish out and quality control.. Designed and produced merchandising book that would hold 24 faces and 48 bands that was sold to boutiques to help display the collection and also create a story for the brand that would strengthen the sales potential in each store it was in. The piece was made with upholstered fabric that was tacked with casted metal brand on cover. Designed and produced 2000 boxes used for merchandising and packaging that were produced with Chinese manufacturer. Worked with Dallas rep to show and sell line that covered the south/southeast region. Sold line through 72 specialty boutiques.

-Sterling Silver & Metal Components-
Experience in design and productions of sterling silver and base metal jewelry and components. Multiple processes for developing molds for productions. First process is developing original in CAD process. I have art directed and managed this process which consists of developing 3 dimensional designs in CAD software for graphic renderings, 3 dimensional shape will be shot out of wax to render original component, sample or rubber mold will then be shot around original component, then you can run limited amount of productions on rubber mold or can produce a metal mold for higher quality pieces for longer period of production time. The 2nd type of process is shooting mold off of an original pc your copying and 3rd way is to hand carve original out of wax and then shoot mold from hand carved original.
I have designed and produced a sterling silver ring collection manufactured in India. The ring collection had 4 different styles and we produced 400 total pieces for collection. I have also produced pieces made out of base metal with CZ rhinestones with Chinese manufacturer used for embellishments on leather goods and custom belt buckle designs. I have worked with major metal stamping companies based out of Rhode Island buying metal stampings that were used on leather goods and buckles.

PR & Marketing
Developed strong relationships in music and entertainment industries working with top managers at Sony EMI, Universal , AEG and Envy Magazine. Through these relationships I was able to work with talent designing custom pieces to be worn for performances and or leisure. Talent worked with: Bruce Willis-custom watch, Kid Rock-custom guitar strap, Ozzy/Sharon Osbourne-custom cuffs, Lucy Lui-custom watch & cuff, Avril Lavigne-custom belt buckle, Collective Soul-custom cuffs, wallet chain and wallet, Stone Temple Pilots-Scott Weiland-custom cuff & buckle, Dean Deleo-custom cuff & guitar strap, Robert Deleo-custom cuff and guitar strap, Eric Kretz- custom watch, Blue October-custom buckle, Rev Theory – custom cuffs, belt & buckle, Evans Blue- custom cuff, Travie McCoy -Gym Class Heroes- custom belts, Amaury Nolasco-Actor(Max Payne, Transformers)-custom rosary Ozzfest 2007- did all corporate gifting –custom leather designs for top CEO’s ,owners and managers. Affliction Clothing Co- 4 custom cuffs for owners, Monster Energy Drink-custom cuffs for top management of music promotions division, ESP Guitars.-custom cuffs for top management, Jagermeister –custom cuffs for top managers of music promotions division

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