Rmtnz Rosa Martinez

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  • date: 8-30-16
Fashion designer, footwear and accessories
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Fashion clothing, Rmtnz

Fashion clothing, Rmtnz X
Clothing designs in clothing season, autumn and winter 2016-2017

Footwear Rmtnz

Footwear Rmtnz X
Footwear and accessories design

Words from the heart, Rmtnz

Words from the heart, Rmtnz X
Illustrations made with finger by designer, paintings of various subjects, clothes, shoes, figurines, geometric shapes.

Prints Rmtnz

Prints Rmtnz X
Prints made through different methods, hand-painted coffee stains, etc ... made paintings on silk finger
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    Fashion Illustration
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    Ies Sixto Marco (Elche, Alicante)
    Ies Leonardo da Vincci (Madrid)
    Ies Virgen de la Paz (Jau00e9n)
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More Information

Rosa Martínez

Designers of Shoes

and Fashion Clothes

Blogger fashion and trends

Live in Alicante, but I was born in Jaén.

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