julie jennings

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  • date: 6-24-14
Textile designer and fashion designer for the woman's markets selling designs to major designers and converters. My work portrays impressions of nature in a distinctive, romanticized style featuring flowing florals paisleys and animal skins.


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    atlanta school of fashion
    florida atlantic university

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Julie Jennings has been drawing and painting from early childhood, beginning with oils, watercolor, colored pencil and airbrush. “My interest in textiles began when the sewing bug hit at the age of 10”. It was not until her first encounter with dyes on silk that she has remained a student of silk painting. “A loaded brush full of the most intense color an artist can work with and watching it spread across the silk with one spontaneous action has captured my attention for over 25 years.” Through the experience of textile design she has developed all the techniques as a self taught silk artist. From the use of the different resists; wax, gutta, dye thickener, shibori and treated silk, and the different weights and textures of the silk, there is no method undiscovered. She continues to push the limit of her skills both with textile design combined with clothing construction and the use of digital to accomplish both.

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