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    Fashion Illustration
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    Design clothes using Investronica
    Create and cutting patterns.
    Create collection using the Temperas technique.
    Design stamps for baby clothes using the Corel Dra
    Design childhood collection using the Corel Photo
    Design collection inspired by 20th Century.
    Create collection with knitted fabrics
    Create collection using the Watercolor technique.
  • Schools/Training

    Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Producti
    Degree in Fashion Design, ZER FAM Fashion private

More Information

I am looking for a challenging position as fashion designer in a professional, artistic environment where I can develop and showcase new design creations in a better platform. I have introduced new collections and techniques of designing and can prove myself more well in the new position. I am very much familiar with design techniques and tools and have good communication skills and good knowledge about the nuances of fashion designing.

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