Natalie Arriaga

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  • date: 5-12-22
The inspiration for my designs revolves around the things I love, feel, and experience on a daily basis. All my designs are pieces of my soul materialized into garments.
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Girl Almighty

Girl Almighty X
Girl Almighty is a lingerie collection that brings out the inner goddess in those who wear it. The collection is inspired by 5 Greek Goddesses with their own inspired set.

Black Stones

Black Stones X
This collection is inspired by Nana Osaki, an anime character that is in a rock band and is influenced by the Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood. A clash of prints working in harmony to wear out to clubs


Wildflower X
Wildflower is a swimsuit inspired 5 seconds of summer (5SOS) an Australian band. As a unit, they have lived amongst each other in Australia, London, and California. Utilizing their native flowers two colorways are offered to flatter everyone.
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Inspiration can come from other designers' creations or photos of a building. This is why a lot of my designs revolve around the things I am passionate about: music, nature, New York, or the moon. My color pallet usually revolves around neutral tones with pops of colors, but lately, I’ve been drawn to colors more often. Using these colors allows for the clothing to be versatile in any season. As for silhouettes, I am greatly inspired by 60s and 70s fashion mixed in with modern trends. Sometimes a fabric inspires me, and it is what I base the garment off, and other times the garment inspires the types of fabrics I use.

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