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Results oriented professional with 20 years european fashion design and product development experience for tailoring/ dressmaking manufacturing operations of medium to high quality collections of; outerwear, fur, leather, accessories and ladies headwear.



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    Garment construction and fit.
    Tailoring /dressmaking.
    Fur Techniques and construction.
    Artful hat-making.
    PhotoShop, CorelDraw
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    Fashion Insitute of Technology, New York
    Saga Design Center, Scandinavia Denmark

More Information

Professional Experiences:
Chocolat Temptations /Sweet and Savory Temptations - September 2009 - May 2010
Agriculture Biological Gourmet Service Industry.

Created regional Italian food products destined to the agriculture biological markets at “zero kilometers“. The first exclusive service of authentic, appetizing and healthy cakes available to private customers, tavern, wine cellars and social purchasing groups (G.A.S.). I maintained relationships with customers by actively following and advising them on their choice of purchase, new trends on “Slow-Food” and “Finger Food” using strong presentation skills. I have instilled customer awareness and trust regarding the preparation, selection of principal ingredients and proper conservation of product. I have developed additional competencies such as; new product launch, research and selection of agriculture biological ingredients, packaging and distribution of the products.

Max Mara - Milan - August 2008 - August 2009
Women’s high fashion collection of outerwear, tailored suits and accessories.

Collaborated as sales and personal look consultant applying my expertise in tailoring. I maintained relationships with customers by following and actively communicating the “new and up coming trends“, selecting what conforms to their personal style as well as assisting client with proper fitting and vestibility of garments. My abilities also includes; explaining to customers of the important detail characteristics of the product and to instill customer confidence. I supplied the company with weekly analytical reports on products. Upon request of the parent company, I also took care of the window displays and exposition space, renewing it and rendering it dynamic. Quality of importance: Having exceptional sense of setting tone regarding personal style, fabric and color, precision and vestibility of garment.

Benini srl. (Via Tivoli) Milan - December 2007 - July 2008
Men and Women comfort and casual apparel line.

Collaborated as sales and personal look consultant. Privately owned family business boutique with “specialized Label apparel, accessories, footwear destined to men and women’s wear market. I maintained relationships with the customers by following and advising actively indicating the sophisticated workmanship and characteristics of the products, using my finest dressmaking and tailoring skills and proper fitting techniques of prèt-a-porter, outerwear, headwear for men and women, accessories and footwear. Quality of importance: Having exceptional sense of setting tone regarding personal style, fabric and color, and
vestibility of garment.

Varini s.r.l - Legnano, (VA)) - March 2007 - September 2007
Comfort and casual footwear line.

Collaborated as sales consultant and in addition manage to diminish the costs and maintain administrative archives updated; carried out the openings and closings of store, daily cost, accounting and executed statistics. Supplied the company with weekly analytical reports on products such as; shoes and handbags. Upon request from parent
company manufacturer, I took care of display windows and the expositive space of three stores; renewing it and rendering it dynamic in all points of sale with a consequent development of turnover, of 35%.

Love Accents Couture Atelier, Milan, Italy - September 2005 to 2010.
Manufacture and distribution couture headwear and fashion accessories for e-commerce.

Design, and realized a collection of couture hats and handbags, destined to private clients and boutiques for matrimony, ceremony, derby, fashion shows as well as national and international editorials. Developed all levels of planning, for medium to luxury e-commerce, reducing estimate costs by 24% as a result of carrying out additional duties (the realization of product, marketing and photography). Experience in managing collaborators, motivating
them to the productivity, advising them on the importance of understanding the image the company, the aesthetic and design integrity of the product.
Quality of importance; product manager, merchandiser, product development (product development) and sales and social networking.

Markus srl. Caronno Pertusella, Varese - 2000 - 2004
Manufactures and distribution
Creative fashion director of Outerwear and furs. New product launch Management

Achieved in realizing a new division of ladies luxury outerwear, fur trimmed cashmere coats and young to classic
furs, targeted at high fashion luxury boutiques and department stores. Managed design associate, sample makers, development and production teams as well as key suppliers during execute of the collection. Established the
essentials of product design development from concept through the manufacturing process. Established roles and responsibilities that clearly defined tasks and improved all over productivity. Maintained relationships between national and international boutique and department stores clientele (USA, China, Korea) with fabric, color, style and fur technique selection that increased volumes sales by 30%. Quality of importance; Developed new technical techniques for fur, leather and fabrics, used continuously in product design, increasing volume by 35%. Through demonstrated leadership and strong aesthetic creative ability translated trend-setting silhouettes.

Pellini Bijoux, Via Morigi, 9 Milan - 1990 - 1999
Fashion design, Product development and Manufacturing of Ladies headwear and handbags as an line extension.

Through leadership and creativity, achieved in realizing a new line extension collection of ladies hats and handbags that increased established volume 25% annually. Sought out new manufacturing souring opportunity and resourcing options. Managed three to four employees, worked directly with owner of company Donatella Pellini, in marketing and business strategy. Reinforce the presence of Pellini Bijoux brand in department stores in the USA. Increased distribution of products in all PELLINI BIJOUX retail stores, Milan.

Cappellificio Onorio Cioppi - Campi Bisenzio, Florence - 1986 - 1990
Product design and Development for ladies headwear manufacture and distribution.

Direct related experience in retail/wholesale for a high volume headwear manufacturing environment. Created and produce prototypes throughout the conceptual design process, for a style line with new silhouettes, catering to a contemporary yet sophisticated international clientele. Volume increased from 8.000 to 15.000 pieces the month
Reinforced the presence of the Brand in stores of fines-level chain stores like; Coin and La Rinascente stores.

Other work experience and achievements:
�� Voluntary worker training and motivating young girls with difficult social problems, developing their manual capacity and tailoring craftsmanship. Created an environment of mutual trust and respect, requiring the highest ethical work standards. Establish excellent relationship.
�� Collaborated with national and international fashion and cosmetics companies, that contributed to product designs and accessories distributed in Europe, Japan and United States.

�� The national and international editorials and beauty ads are: Chantilly Perfume, Alexander de Markoff, Estee Launder, L’Erin, Ivoire de Pierre Balmain, Cerissa Perfume and Borghese.
�� Awarded the Harvey Bristol Cream prize for aspiring designers.

Education and Formation:
�� Saga Furs of Scandinavia, Denmark - November 2003 - “Fur techniques”.
On invitation, I was selected to participate in a course of specialization in fur techniques, whereupon achieved a diploma in the design and industrial production of fur fashion.

�� Fashion Institute of Technology of New York. 1970-1973 Specializing in the creation of women’s clothing and industrial production of high quality apparel. Possess a complete formation in dressmaking, tailoring. Competence in fashion marketing.

Personal abilities and competence:
Languages: American (mother tongue)
Italian - very good (reading, written and oral expression).
Francese Basic (oral expression).
Arabo - Basic (oral expression).
Relational abilities :

�� Passionate listener (active) and kind approach. Possess a optimal ability in communication; spoken and written. Attitude to the leadership at the same time team player with optimal relational abilities, availability and flexibility, opened to the changes and resistance to stress. Possess sportive attitude in the which practice Martial Arts Wing-Chun-streetstyle defense. For the adventure, trekking in mountain and the skating for the underwater expression of creativity, horseback riding and immersions being contact with the nature.
�� Results oriented, leadership. capable in maintaining archives; shipment documents, statistics weekly reports. Flexible to carry out new and several assignments at the same time;

�� Complete formation industrial production, custom made tailoring, dressmaking, and working knowledge of construction, the precision and the vestibility of high fashion outerwear, furs and suiting. Strong knowledge of specific equipment and machinery in the industrial production.

Computer science knowledge:
Good knowledge of the Office Package and software for the office management (fax, email, Internet) and graphical software like PhotoShop, CorelDraw, along with a strong attitude to learn and desire to learn and use innovative programs.

Artistic abilities and other capabilities;
�� Possess experience as collaborator for Walt Disney, Sartorial Brancato, Pia Rame and Smeralda Theatre as designer of hats and headwear.

�� Possess Japanese and Chinese antique Kimono, painted Chinese glasses of the 1800\'s.

�� Over 18 years study of classic-point dance, jazz, modern and smooth dance; collect antique books and prints (1800-1920) and Bakelite jewelry of 1940.

Reference upon request.
Available for relocation.

Tags; fashion designer, tailoring, dressmaking, samples, furs, outerwear, couture hats and headwear, product management and development, sales and personal style consultant.

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