Kat Huber

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  • date: 1-31-19
I am a graduating senior fashion design major at Kent State University. I am ambitious, hard working, and looking forward to joining a design team and giving all I have to offer.
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A structural jacket inspired by the spinal cord. This piece was created for a 3D Modeling class I took while studying abroad at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

A collection inspired by airplane blueprints. Illustrations were created mixing hand illustration and photoshop techniques. My personal design process consists of collaging forms onto the human form to inspire unique, structural silhouettes.

A brand project; this collection was designed as a theoretical collaboration with Delpozo. Inspired by the form and texture of fruit, I used fabrics sourced from NYC to create couture beading and fabric manipulation samples.

This dress is inspired by rock climbing and explores the interactive element of transformable clothing. A relatively simple silhouette at its core, this dress enables the wearer to choose from a variety of styles via adjustable clips and drawstrings.
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    Graduating in May 2019 with four years of industry internships
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    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Photoshop
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    Kent State University Fashion School
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