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Textile and fashion designer with heavy influence into prints. I like easy fit, comfortable with low fuss, a statement fabric design combined with solids for those less bold. I dress the confident woman who knows herself who enjoys expression.
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Newest for JulianneCollections

Newest for JulianneCollections X
Fall 2017 is coming together with some new fabric designs and bodies. This is just a small snap shot of what I am presenting for casual dressing to the office.

Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants X
tops coming soon!

Textile Designs

Textile Designs X
My large scope of images for all sectors of design. Contact me for individual branding and exclusive art for your project.

Julianne's Gowns

Julianne's Gowns X
Gowns to Tropical dressing, with a bit of illustration included.

Gowns 2

Gowns 2 X

Acqua line

Acqua line X
A more casual division of Julianne's line
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    dresses , 9-5, gowns
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    Atlanta School of Fashion and Design
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Julianne the Maverick. A relaxed, unique and independent individual who is ready to take on adventure. She has taken BoHo Beach to a new level, a more refined level of up-scale beach wear. The team here at JC is very proud to present the result of our hard work with the first line of tunics, dresses, scarves and casual wear. We believe this collection represents the colors and lifestyle of the coast with impeccable sophistication and style.

Gain a sense of the tropics as you view each piece, the delicate orchids to the ancient motifs of Hawaiian culture.

Originally from California with influences from South Florida to the art and architecture of Europe where she lived as a child.

Julianne worked as a freelance textile designer for the past 30 years selling her work to top designers and manufacturers in the New York fashion industry. As a fine artist her 3, 9 foot hand painted silk banners hung in Washington, D.C. at the Smithsonian Institution. She has received numerous awards for her paintings on silk and continues to enjoy teaching classes on the art of painting on silk. Her textile designs continue to sell and can be seen at boutiques and department stores world wide.

Julianne lives in Atlanta with her two dogs and has raised 3 children. She continues to be very much a "Maverick" finding adventure and venturing out to find the next exhilaration.

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