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    Fashion Illustration
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    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Photoshop
    Macromedia Freehand
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    Raffles Design Institute Singapore
    Who Moved My Cheese Seminars
    Mercedez Benz Asia Award 2004
    Istituto Italiano di Giacarta

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Janet Teowarang
Ph: (62) 818 777706

Main Skills: Pattern Making Women, Men, Children flat or computers (PAD SYSTEM); Pattern Draping; Design Illustration manual and computers (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc); Workshop Drawing manual and computers; Experienced as a design magazine writer; Very diligent and professional; Ability to work under pressure of deadlines and long distance; Good in English both oral and written, knows basic French and Italian


1995 – 1996: Fashion Dresser at Graduation Fashion Shows in Singapore

1998: 2 months job training at Senior Seamstress in Jakarta

Apr 1999 – Oct 2000: 1 year and 6 months working as Assistant Fashion Designer at Kanaya Tabitha

July 2001 – July 2005: As a Part – Time Fashion Design Lecturer at LaSalle College International, Jakarta

Dec 2004 - 2007: As a Fashion Consultant, Fashion Designer, Stylist, have own label in Jakarta: Jane Mare

March 2005: Assistance for own student to attend Final of 14th Hempel International Award, Beijing, China

July 2005 – August 2010: Fashion Coordinator at LaSalle College International Surabaya

2008 - Now: Guest Lecturer at Arva School of Fashion

Feb 2009 - Now: Develop own label ALLEGRA JANE, RTW and Special Order


Participated in Brother’s Cup Fashion Contest, China
Participated in Uniform design for Orchid Novotel Hotel, Singapore
Participated in Fabric Print Design for Orchid Novotel Hotel,Singapore
Participated in Style Surfing by Tower Records, Singapore
Participated in SIFA Smirnoff International Fashion Awards

Participated in Barbie Contest by Mattel Singapore
Participated in GIFU Fashion Contest, Japan

Participated in Fashion 2000, The Young Indonesian Designers of the new Millenium competition
Provide design for Think Fast Lucky Strike F1 Presenter (BAT)

Provide design for Astra Buana Insurance uniform
Provide design for Pall Mall’s leather jacket (BAT)
Participated in ‘Follow Your Dreams’ seminar for teenage to becoming the young fashion designers as the guest speaker in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya
Provide the seminar materials referring to the above matter

Provide design proposal for PT. Gitaswara (Guinness Beer)
Provide design for LA LIGHTS (PT. Djarum)
Provide design proposal for Dos Hermanos Cigar

2002: Participated with Mrs. Kanaya Tabitha in Hong Kong Fashion Week Spring Summer 2002
Participated in Brit Zone Competititon 2002

Semi Finalist of “Lomba Perancang Mode” LPM by Femina
Collection theme: Contemporary of Indigenous Surrealism
Participated in Asian Young Designer Contest 2003
Theme: Asphyxiate Age of Earth

August 2004:
Semi Finalist of “Mercedes – Benz Asia Fashion Award Indonesia”

September 2004:
Finalist of “Mercedes – Benz Asia Fashion Award Indonesia”
Collection Theme: Timeless Virility Beauty

8 October 2004:
Fashion Show of Private Collection as a part of “Mercedes – Benz Asia Fashion Award Indonesia Final” held at Cendrawasih Room, JHCC, Jakarta

June 2006:
Participated in Mittelmoda Fashion Award 2006, Gorizia Italy
Theme: Iron Jawed Angels

Feb/March 2007:
Participated in Mango Fashion Awards

May 2007:
Participated in Mittelmoda Fashion Award 2007
Theme: Just Shades of White Elevated

May/June 2007:
One of the 50 Finalists for Mango Fashion Awards, Barcelona, Spain
Theme: Wild at Heart

October - November 2007:
Designing for Montrose - Scotland Golf Wear, men and women collection and tartan fabrics

May 2008:
One of the finalist of Global Ethnic Competition in Surabaya, Indonesia
Mixing traditional kain ikat fabric with linen acrylic with edgy and avant - garde style

August 2009:
One of the finalist of Gelar Batik Nusantara 2009, Jakarta, Indonesia
Using Original Batik Silk, Viscose, and Thai Silk Materials
Theme: Nouveau Minimalifuturism

October 2009:
Fashion Show @ Loop Surabaya, Indonesia
Ethnic Casual Wear

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