Danielle Rivera

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I’m a unique designer with a passion. My Creations push the envelope yet classically flatter feminine frames. My designs have sophisticated style with an edgy touch, giving them that “gotta have it - wanna wear it” air; and making them extremely salable.



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    Fashion Illustration
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    Norfolk State University

More Information

I specialize in designing women’s gowns, cocktail dresses, day dresses, contemporary sportswear, Sleepwear and Lingerie.

People describe me as a fast learning, hard working, determined woman who is committed to working toward excellence in all I do.

Through my work experience, I recognize how important it is to be able to work in a fast-paced environment, interact well with others, and to be self-motivated.

I possess a unique set of skills and experience in design, merchandising and production, as well as a specialty in intimates.

B.A. in Fine Arts from Norfolk State University

Design Skills
o Detailed Technical Flats
o Specification Packages
o International Sourcing
o Construction & Sewing
o Mood and Trend Boards
o Fabric and Textile Knowledge

Computer Proficiency
o Adobe Photoshop
o Adobe Illustrator
o Web PDM
o Microsoft Office
o Mac

Personal Skills
o Critical Thinking and Analysis
o Time management and Organization
o Leadership and Public Speaking
o Community Service

*Full resume available upon request.
*Currently available for Freelance, part time or full time/permanent hire.
*This portfolio is only a brief representation of my work and abilities.

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