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Cosplays Aplausos We love cosplays,anime,manga,comics. We design and make cosplays, some have won first prizes in contests.


Cosplays X
Aplausos loves anime, manga, cosplays We design and make cosplays, some have won first prizes in contests. All cosplays we manufacture in Spain

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Aplausos is born in 1.990 by the designer Macu Verdú, at that time designing and making bathing suits and bikinis, perfecting us in the management of lycra and elastic fabrics.
In 1995 Aplausos designs and manufactures the costume for the Miss Las Palmas contest valid for the Miss Spain Contest, at the time Produced by Telecinco (Spanish TV Channel) who selected our Design and hired us to make all the dresses.
Our atelier was selected to take the dressmaking of TVE (national Spanish TV channel) in the Canary Islands, under the direction of D. Epifanio for which we carry out fashion programs, haute couture passes for the end of the year, and we control all the Prado del Rey tailoring on the Gran Scale Canaria Veo Veo program guests of Honor Paco Rabal and the wonderful actress Asunción Balaguer.
Jobs for the Study of Dance CICCA, Festivals, Nutcracker at Christmas, Charge for the Friends of the Zarzuela, Acts of the City Council of Las Palmas de G.C.
Salem witch, folk festivals and a long etc.

In 1997 where we became part of the Professional team to perform the first Professional Carnivals, in which we directed all the tailoring of the carnival overture gala
The First Fair of the Children and Youth of the Palmas de G.C. Does not charge to give life to the Logo of the same to Promote it in the streets of the city.
At that time our atelier was in charge of the Decoration and Confection of everything necessary for the halls in which the congresses were held.
From these contacts we were hired by the Congress of Physicians that was held in the South of the Island for the presentation of the fourth Anniversary of Viagra, to perform the mascot of it.
In 2006, commissioned by the Elder Museum and in collaboration with the Tomás Morales House museum , we designed and made the costumes of the short on the life of the Poet, for the dome of the Museum and which was first planned in New York for homage and dissemination of the Work of the Author.

Different collaborations with the Elder Museum and opening of the Maritime Museum located in the old station Jet foil.
We have Designed and Made for the Town Council of the City of Telde.
We combine all these jobs for some years with Haute Couture, working with model schools, shopping centers, etc.
Festivals of studies of Dance, Schools, Clubs of rhythmic, Professionals at island level and in Theater at the International level and a long, etc.)
We have written several pieces mixing dance and theater that with great effort I managed to rise to the stage fortunately being subsequently a success.
The first When is the Ballet born? An ambitious project formed by teachers and students of different modalities of Performing Arts and Dance. That had a very important media repercussion, formed a company of fifty young people almost all university students who studied different modalities of Dance and dramatic art besides students of OSCUS. They underwent a professional staging for one week with two daily functions. The public was made up of students from all schools in the southern area of Gran Canaria. Except the last function of the weekend that opened to the public being one of the most emotional moments of my professional life.
They were awarded a diploma by the City Council and Aplausos for their training and discipline as future theater professionals.
The second was held in the Cercle Mercantil de Las Palmas de G.C. "From the Shadows" was quite sounded by the deployment of police and prison officials, since for a month I worked with prisoners and prisoners who constituted the script itself and acted in it along with Grandes de las Bellas Artes Tino Cabrera painter and Professor of Fine Arts, his wife and poet Mariló, Rosario Valcárcel writer and wife of D. Luis León President of the Press Club Canario, Paco Lezcano painter and writer, Rocío Pozo school teacher Bolera and Nayra Ruiz dancer and teacher of Jazz.
In the audience were the Director of the Penitentiary Center officials, Paco Kraus, Opera Singer, Javier Cabrera sculptor etc.

Third. Staging of the Isadora Duncan Biography dramatized musical that in a novel way we entered into the life of a character so emblematic for Dance.
It was a production like the previous one without any help, to open box office. But due to its full fill had to be repeated four months later. On this occasion, I applaud, in order to continue with his cultural dissemination trajectory, to reserve the first three rows that were occupied by caretakers of the old people's home, alzehimer, San Juan de Dios and children's handicap, to which a well-deserved tribute was paid by The Company before starting the function.
Exhibition of Costumes narrated with voices in off "The dance from the beginning of the world until the XIX century" Exposed in December of 2013 In the Department of the Center District.
One of the latest projects is "Sentimientos Vivos", a fusion of voice-guessed dance in Off and framed with illustrations specially made for the script by Francisco Lezcano. Theme on women. Difference of feelings and reactions in the same stages, between man and woman. Purpose to raise awareness of the different sensitivities we show to life for the way we educate the child or the child.
In recent years we have increased the mode of Manga and Comic public extremely demanding since they are often adepts to their series and games. This has made us re-document everything that surrounds this complex but infinite world of possibilities, and that the Market grows every day.
It is impossible that we can summarize my whole career since 1990, since I believe that they have been professionally one hundred years

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