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Apparel Professional with 10+ years of Design, Merchandising Brand/Management, Product Development experience in a national and global environment.
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Los Angeles CA. cell 323.217.5414

Brand Management Professional with 8+ years of Brand/Marketing Management, Merchandising, Product Development/Design experience in a national and global environment.

• Conducted weekly conference calls to give vital client information, managed
team coverage model, address all team field issues, training and hiring team members.
• Scheduling/Staffing events, working events, Maximize visual presentation of Brand.
• Motivated and organized Team members.
• Create product awareness.
• Monitoring market trends and oversees advertising.
• Experience influencing merchandise sales potential.
• Successful in meeting performance and financial goals.
• Attention to detail and ability to multi-task.
• Flexible and adaptable on materials, tech programs necessary to achieve maximum in-store sales.
• Collecting and reporting detailed Brand matrix information. Using Sales Force
• Created a lasting impression among consumers and improving product sales and market share.
• Validate Starbucks advertising and marketing activities, projected the right image per Starbucks Corporate standards. Confirmed brand guidelines for employees and licenses.
• Worked with team members in merchandise selection and promotion.
• Did cost research examinations and cost sheets.
• Track and examinations of seasonal market trends Identified competition in targeted markets.
Execute line-merchandising plans.
• Identify and negotiate quota for offshore production.
• Shop markets in Europe, did merchandise selection and promotion.
• Merchandised all design groups for sales reps. Lead Line/Concept review meetings with sales and production for each market season.
• Line plans, and merchandised assigned design brands, Worked with team members in preparation and execution of catalogues for each season.
• Developed strong and effective interpersonal relationship with customers, management, team member, vendors, and contractors, domestically and offshore.
• Participated in Line review and business strategies meetings with sales and production for each market season. Did weekly summary for Mosaic Account Client Managers.
• Launched and achieved successful marketing programs with Sales Managers.
• Strong, positive communication with buyers for private label and other special projects.
• Traveled to company's offshore factories to ensure all product standards were being met, and to maintain positive communications with offshore factories.
• Communicated daily with Guangzhou, China, India, Japan, and Indonesia merchandisers to ensure that timelines and company standards were maintained.

• Design Director, Hiring, overseeing and guiding freelance artist.
• Produced and review artwork to ensure consistency and adherence to corporate design standards.
• Layout, line illustrations, storyboards most aspects of product development, from concept to production.
• Development/Resourcing concepts for each season.
• Design and merchandising Company and private label lines.
• Decision-maker for the overall product design and execution
• Concept/Developments of embroideries, silk screen concepts and
actual artwork graphic designs
• Created print designs. Merchandised Company's private label lines.
• Strong understanding of creative design process.
• Hands on in establishing and approving all lab dips

9/25/20 to 12/30/21 - Premium Chromebook Workshop Specialist (Remote)
Customer Success for Chromebook Research, educate and resolve all customer inquiries

9/25/2016 to 8/01/20 - Dedicated Starbuck Brand Territory Manager/Premium Northern California
Brand Marketing and Quality Assessments also used Sales Force as an aid in achieving these goals

11/6/2013 to 7/2017 (with ongoing programs)
Lead Brand Ambassador XM/ (Experiments Markets)

8/2009 to 11/4/2013 Mosaic
Merchandising Specialist/ Microsoft

06/00 (contract) Usindo Pasadena CA
Product Development Manager/Designer

3/2005 to 3/2007 Beja/JEB Industries Garden Grove CA
Art Director/Senior Product Manager
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Office
San Jose/San Francisco State University BA Mass Communication
Fashion Institute of Technology, (F.I.T.) NYC, NY Design/Merchandising

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