Prizm Synthesis

Prizm Synthesis X
Blast away from the dark side, out of the astrological orbital skies above. Protostars form into the sun, raging heat onto living green organisms.Transpiring water to evaporate into the oceans far and wide flowing with octopus & jellyfish down below

Prizm Bass

Prizm Bass X
Embark on a journey in a world full of bass & techno. Tune the world out in comfy, novelty, funky, clothing you’ll love dancing in at your next set from Ibiza to Vegas.

Absinthe Skies

Absinthe Skies X

Euphoria in the West Coast

Euphoria in the West Coast X
Eccentric, novelty couture gowns, with unexpected details, yet still embodying Hollywod glam. Fluidity and detail transpire.

Doll Elements

Doll Elements X
Grab your favorite magenta-pink lipstick & halographic highlighter to get glam for the day in bubblegum pinks , rainbow drops of color, and eclectic prints.

Graveyard Shadows

Graveyard Shadows X
Become the next Supreme of The Seven Wonders, with feminine garments with a twist of darkness and horror, grab a broom and take a ride through the full moon with elegance & grace.
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