jessibel Velazquez

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  • date: 4-27-22
As a current apparel design major I'm striving to achieve many of my goals in skills that I have still to develop further in the fashion industry and I have still to identify my specialty so I try and dive into diverse areas in apparel design.
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collection 1 (fashion illustration)

collection 1 (fashion illustration) X
Inspired by a South Korean model named Sara Choi I wanted to create a collection that demonstrated her aura and charisma to market towards a confident consumer that is not fond of trends and rules in fashion.

collection 2 (illustrator flats)

collection 2 (illustrator flats) X
As technology becomes an even more essential part of our lives we might start seeing how it overpowers society and the globe in general. Will technology be the end of us or will it be our greatest advancement even more so in the future.

illustration and development of design

illustration and development of design X
With covid-19 taking over the world and masks being essential to all of our lives I wanted to design a detailed and thought out mask that is stylish but has many benefits that can create a convenient necessity and accessory at the same time.

surface patterns

surface patterns X
A quick look into my basic and advanced prints as a student learning how to develop surface patterns

s/s 2023 weaving designs

s/s 2023 weaving designs X
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