Maryam Rasekh Nesari

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  • date: 10-18-20
costume design, work for, and Theater for 18 years. Founder and creative director of MalMal Art and Clothing brand. I interested to work on fashion industry and learn more. Associate degree on fashion design. sketching, sewing, pattern making
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  • Southern CA

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    Costume Design
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    modern, contemporary
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    Art University of Tonekabon _Iran
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I have a sharp eye and ear. I have a fast and clean hand. I know how to design (Illustration, drawing), and how to sew. I have excellent taste in color.I have associate degree of fashion design from SMC. I graduated from Directing Theater, and work as a costume designer for 18 years, so I know about teamwork which is very important and how to work with different age people. Fashion is not just my hobby, for me, fashion is a reflection of thought, belief, and life.All my design idea has come from my childhood. I was born and raised in Iran. I grow up in an artist family with Yarn and fabric, and love. I learned how to share my love and creativity with people from my grandma.

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