Aimee Belasquez

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I am a creative and enthusiastic person who is eager to get into the fashion industry and fulfill my passion while elevating the level of expectations. I want to be inspired while inspiring others.

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    Adobe Illustrator
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    Microsoft Excel
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    California Polytechnic State University Pomona

More Information

I am currently a student at California Polytechnic State University Pomona. My major is Apparel Merchandising and Management with an emphasis on Fashion Retail.

About Me:
Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
People Skills
Problem Solver
Positive Team Player

Digital Illustration for Fashion
Apparel Design Analysis
Fashion Promotion
Consumerism: Impact and Issues
Visual Merchandising
Design and Merchandising Strategies
Culture, People and Dress
Apparel Importing and Exporting
Apparel Merchandise Buying
Apparel Product Analysis
Apparel Production
Textile Specification Testing
Multicultural Organizational Behavior

Undergraduate Projects:
-Apparel Flats
-Creation of surface designs for fabrics
-Use of design elements and principles as applied to clothing design
-Analysis of the role of consumption in economic systems
-Planning, developing and presenting apparel product lines
-Calculating essential merchandising related figures, including costs, profits, open to buy, mark-up, markdown and inventory turnover.

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