Amy Ma

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  • date: 5-12-22
My design philosophy is creating women’s wear that expresses soft femininity while also exuding the sexy nature of the women's body. I want to bring body positivity to my designs.
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Eastern Etiquette

Eastern Etiquette X
This is my senior collection which is a combination of asian culture mixed with victorian era. I incorporated aspects of eastern asian culture such as Chinese traditional wear and popular Korean pop music details/trims with a mix of victorian style.

A Tangled Love

A Tangled Love X
This collection is inspired from my favorite Disney movie called Tangled. A spring/summer collection for casual wear.

Garments from 2020-2022

Garments from 2020-2022 X
A collection of garments from 2020-2022.

Journey Collection

Journey Collection X
A collection based off of pathways and the environment that surrounds it. Such as a cobble pathway is surrounded by serene nature. A journey is guided by the path you choose to walk on and I represent mines in this collection.

Anime Collection

Anime Collection X
I was inspired by the anime "As Miss Beelzebub Likes It." It's a Fall/Winter Collection.
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My designs are very complicated and the tiny details are what makes them unique. I will also include some aspects of asian culture in some of my collection to bring recognition of my culture into the fashion world.

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