Agnieszka Frankiewicz

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    University od Life Science
    Zwiazek Polskich Artystow Plastykow - Polska Sztuk

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Agnieszka Frankiewicz

Our company is a producer of artistic jewelery and has operated on the market for 23 years.

We specialize in designing and producing original, hand-made jewelery from metal – from small jewelery forms to large projects commissioned by individual clients and companies. Every piece of our hand-made jewelery is different and unique. Our customers appreciate it very much.

We have several hundred patterns of pendants, brooches, belt buckles, rings, necklaces and earrings in our offer.

We specialize also in designing and producing sculptures and personal-arts from metal.

We cooperate with designers, clothing companies (especially with companies which produce clothes from the best quality of cotton, linen, silk and woolen fabrics), renowned boutiques and galleries. For years we have been selling our products to the countries of Western Europe.

Our company was established in 1989 and works with customers and companies from a lot of countries in Europe.

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