Isabel Rendon

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  • date: 3-6-20
SUMMARY: I'm a Designer, Fit Tech and fashion stylist. Fifteen years of experience in the apparel industry. Passionate Ambitious, organized, efficient and determined with a good understanding of garment design, fit & production stages.

Katherine Leonard

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  • date: 3-5-20
I am a 5rd year at Cal Poly Pomona studying Apparel Merchandising and Management with an emphasis on Fashion Retail. My dream career is to become a Buyer out of college.

Clarissa Olguin

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  • date: 3-4-20
I am a student at Cal Poly Pomona University majoring in Apparel Merchandising and Management. I am focusing on Fashion Design with an emphasis in Production. I specialize in Festival Fashion and aspire to become a designer of dancewear and costumes.

Olga Morozova

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  • date: 3-4-20
Design is Creativity with Strategy


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  • date: 3-1-20
Men's Assistant Designer seeking Associate/ Designer role at contemporary or designer brand in mens or womens. Website : instagram: zackery_francis