Haley Murray

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  • date: 5-22-17
This is my six look collection that includes my mood board, rough draft, and final designs. It also includes my favorite design I have created throughout this whole art semester. This design has the same bohemian feel of my six look collection.

Mahalina R

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  • date: 5-22-17
I aspire to cultivate the silhouette of feminine ‘la mode’, to up-market womens’ fashion palette, to inspire, revamp and influence trends via androgynous flamboyancy and the deconstruction of Haute Couture.

gabby evans

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  • date: 5-19-17
I do graphic design for fashion businesses. I can design logos, email newsletters, packaging, shopping bags, flyers, & brochures. My dream goal is to start my own graphic design & illustration studio for fashion & pop-culture.

Neal Eaton

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  • date: 5-18-17
Keen senses and skills for directing and developing garment, textile and graphic design. Extensive Creative Direction of themes, prints and colors. Thorough knowledge of garment construction, fabrications and print techniques.

Corey Reiter

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  • date: 5-18-17
I am a results-oriented creative professional educated in many fields of art, design, and fashion, eager to apply my diverse experience to create profitable and well-received products in a timely manner.