Erwin Enriquez

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  • views: 28107
  • date: 9-5-18
Fashion Graphic Designer and Assistant Designer Specializing in Fashion Art and Sketching. Assisting in Production and all stages of apparel development.

Beatriz Lozano

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  • views: 434
  • date: 9-2-18
Goal-oriented, driven and diligent individual who is not afraid of hard-work. I have acquired vast experience in the industry in a transition of 9 years. Main expertise is in life style contemporary women's market.

Koyi Tsang

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  • date: 8-31-18
6 years of experience designing women's plus size market and childrenswear. Entensive experience in Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator programs, excellent design and sketching skills.

Susan Tait Porcaro

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  • views: 3746
  • date: 8-30-18
Dynamic, fast & creative Fashion & Costume Illustrator with a broad range of styles to suit the needs of an apparel company, fashion designer, and movie industry. Contact Sue to view portfolio of costume illustration from Warner Brother's Ocean's 8.

Jenia Tahmasebi

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  • date: 8-29-18
I am a fun, passionate, and creative designer. I specialize in fashion, product/accessories, and CAD design with a high degree of detail and technical flair. I'm also a great cook. Potluck anyone?