Kayley Floyd

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  • date: 1-12-18
Fresh ideas created by yours truly. This will include my six-look collection as well as a couple of other designs I liked the most.

Karen Mitchell

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  • date: 1-11-18
Jewelry Designer trained in Italy & NY. Strong design/tech drawing skills, incl. photoshop & hand-rendering. Refined design/color sense. I can take a line of jewelry from concept to finish. JewelryDesign, Product development, sourcing, manufacture

Mahalina R

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  • date: 1-11-18
I aspire to cultivate the silhouette of feminine ‘la mode’, to up-market women's’ fashion palette, to inspire, revamp and influence trends via androgynous flamboyancy and the deconstruction of Haute Couture.

Aimee Bruyninckx

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  • date: 1-11-18
Experienced Handbag Designer, graphic and textile design . Seeking projects where I can develop fashion brands through adding salable styles and interesting constructions. Currently working on research and line development with a variety of companies