Natalie Tinishbekov

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  • views: 540
  • date: 3-7-19
Tallented Fashion Designer with current NYC industry experience looking for a challenging and interesting career in Fashion or Technical Design with opportunities for growth and development. Please view my portfolio and contact me for an interview.

Terese Brown

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  • views: 237
  • date: 3-7-19
Creative designer with savvy entrepreneurial spirit who demonstrates agility and ability to discover the next "must have" item. Adept at building long-term relationships with cross-functional teams and a team player. Contact me for an interview.

James Young

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  • date: 3-7-19
I seek to express my experience with life. I want to give to the world, through my work, the perspective that I am and have experienced. Clothes are just clothes until one gives it purpose. That's always been my goal with my work.

Shraddha Nabar

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  • date: 3-4-19
Actively seeking a job in the NY-Metro area. I want to join a dynamic design team as a Design Assistant where I can utilize my design training and technical background. Please view my portfolio and contact me for an interview.

Jaclyn Loprete

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  • date: 3-4-19
My design philosophy is that fashion is wearable art that also serves a functional purpose. I believe that how we represent ourselves through style has important cultural and social significance. ‚Äč

Neal Eaton

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  • date: 2-28-19
MULTI-FACETED DESIGNER APPAREL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT | GRAPHIC DESIGN | CREATIVE DIRECTION ART, TREND, PRINT & COLOR Drive volume achieve margin goals and enhance assortment product as confident and self-motivated professional.