Irene Kanfer

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  • date: 5-25-17
Graduated from one of the best art school's in the world (2004). Years of experience in design media and communications. Exceptional computer graphics, merchandising, packaging & product presentation skills. Able to handle multiple projects & consist

Makenzie Hershberger

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  • date: 5-25-17
This portfolio is for people to see what I like and what inspires me

Caroline Jewell

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  • date: 5-25-17
This six look design really opened my eyes to a whole new world. Fashion design is a process that is truly complex. This design shows off my interest in creating strong yet feminine pieces that could be used for any fun occasion.

Joseph Palermo

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  • date: 5-25-17
Shoe Designer & Original Concept Creator: Professionally trained, experienced, shoe designer, fit technican, hand design artist, modelista, concept & 3D digital tech designer.

Isabella Zocchi

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  • date: 5-24-17
Seeking for hat-maker or multifaceted and creative consultant to develop your next project? I’m here to help! I’d take care of your projects turning ideas into mass-producible products in jewelry, watches, shoes, bags and headpieces business.