Fausto Osejo

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  • date: 5-16-19
well rounded designer, skill include, knits, technical design, mens and womans, accessory, and shoe, as well as others. i have work history as run way designer, as well as technical designer, all with always designing for my own label PLUSH HABITS.

Carlos Herrera

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  • date: 5-14-19
I am open to full time and freelance time positions - equally interested in both mens and womenswear.

Viviana Cabral

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  • date: 5-3-19
A senior of the Apparel Merchandising & Management department at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a focus in Apparel Management. I work in Visual Merchandising. This is a portfolio of my work completed within the last year.

Easy Render

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  • date: 5-14-19
Easy Render is a firm which is providing great services when it comes to the Architecture rendering. A 3d platform which provides you the best opportunity to let them make your architecture design at its best.

Inez Parks

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  • date: 5-13-19
Multifaceted and self taught seamstress, fashion, jewelry, and accessories designer.

Teloria Vega

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  • date: 5-13-19
I like to create and illustrate designs and garments that you have seen before, but they all have a little twist! I'm always looking into bringing things into the market that hasn't yet been seen or can be modified in a different way!