William Taswell III

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  • date: 4-24-17
Senior level designer with an innate sense of style with a strong eye to forecast/interpret viable trends, including influentially changing consumer lifestyles, to create passionately from both a successful, creative and business standpoint.

Ashley Recuparo

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  • date: 4-24-17
Seeking a senior designer position where I can grow within the company and creatively utilize my skills. I am an innovative, hard-working, energetic, team player and able to work in a fast paced environment.

Breanna Nussbickel

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  • date: 4-24-17
Innovative and versatile Designer with industry experience ranging from high end boutique level to mass market. Specialize in Intimates, Lounge and Yogawear.

Michelle Shipman

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  • views: 12
  • date: 4-24-17
I am an aspiring designer looking for a creative opportunity in which I can express my ideas.