Kofi Essel

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  • views: 3051
  • date: 7-16-19
A passionate design professional with over eight years of experience skilled in Trend Research, Concept Design, Men’s Sportswear, Knit Activewear and Woven Apparel Design.

Clarence Walter

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  • views: 56
  • date: 7-15-19
I am an apparel and accessories designer in NYC currently looking for freelance & full time work. I have worked for numerous established brands in NYC including names such as Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan among others.

Mary Jane D'Amico

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  • views: 4275
  • date: 7-15-19
Skills: Expert in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as traditional drawing media. Identify trends, design presentations start to finish, traffic assignments, manage office computers, textile mill work, training of artists in office work flow

Gracie Moulinos

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  • views: 6998
  • date: 7-15-19
Sixteen years of design and development knowledge in Fashion footwear, Handbag, fashion jewelry, Scarf, Belt, etc. Experienced in sourcing materials and factories, trend research, costing, CAD, Illustrator, Photoshop,Teckspec.etc.

Carlos Herrera

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  • views: 851
  • date: 7-13-19
I am open to full time and freelance time positions - equally interested in both mens and womenswear.

Stella Neves

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  • views: 14158
  • date: 7-13-19
Fashion Designer /Technical Designer professional with over 16 years experience in the NY Fashion industry.

Lisa Sheridan

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  • views: 2674
  • date: 7-12-19
Creative and versatile senior level designer with experience in multiple different sportswear markets, can also do sales presentations, product development, technical design, costing, and sourcing.