Fanny Gallegos

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  • date: 11-13-17
I am committed to creating a unique fashion environment that gives clientele individuality. With the immense knowledge meeting the needs of society today, while respecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

JoAnn Lieberman

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  • date: 11-13-17
Multi-disciplined freelance artist specializing in print and surface design development utilizing traditional hand paint techniques and CAD for women's fashion, children's wear, petwear, stationery, home goods, concepts & trend presentations.

Audrey Lowe

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  • date: 11-12-17
I am a business minded Merchandiser/Designer who does everything from create t/p's and Cad design to leading and growing a successful design department.

Matthew Demgen

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  • views: 5247
  • date: 11-12-17
Hands-on Design Director/Illustrator, proven, with a passion and vision for innovative fashion designs supported by a solid art and design background while excelling at team leadership and the ability to work with and inspire those on my team.