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My name is Madelyn Ramirez and I recently graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a BS in Apparel Merchandising and Management (retail option) and a Marketing Management minor. I am actively searching for a full-time position.
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Women's Sophisticated Spring Clothing Cookbook

Women's Sophisticated Spring Clothing Cookbook X
This is lookbook that I put together in AMM210, a design analysis class. I chose a theme and then illustrated pieces that were inspired by everyday life. Mine was called "Spring Sophistication". All designs were made on Illustrator.

Competitive Financial Analysis: American Eagle vs. Gap

Competitive Financial Analysis: American Eagle vs. Gap X
Below are graphs and charts from a competitive financial analysis for American Eagle Outfitters vs. The Gap that I did in ABM224, Accounting for Agribusiness. I used excel to organize, calculate and chart my numbers from the pulled reports.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis X
The first photo is a SWOT analysis from a promotion plan I did for Victoria's Secret in AMM230. The second SWOT analysis was from a business plan I prepared for the Cal Poly Pomona College of Extended University in IBM301.

6-Month Buying Plan Spreadsheet

6-Month Buying Plan Spreadsheet X
This is a 6-month buying plan spreadsheet that I completed for Planet Blue’s Accessory Department in AMM251, Retail Buying. This spreadsheet was made using Excel.

Minimalist Collection

Minimalist Collection X
Below is a collection/lookbook I put together for AMM210, Apparel Design Analysis. I created a collection and thought about who my target market would be and what I felt inspired my collection. I created the flat lays using PowerPoint.
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    California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
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I aspire to work in the corporate field of fashion and am most interested in Marketing.

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