Haley McMurphy

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  • date: 3-13-18
As someone who is both left and right brained, I have developed a love for all things both creative and technical. I merge these together to be an efficient creative problem-solver, as well as a multi-talented product developer.
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Chrome Seduction

Chrome Seduction X
This was a final project in which the assignment was to pick a large, worldwide macro trend and translate it into designs for a specific classification. The trend I focused on was technology, while the classification was lingerie.

Dark Dream

Dark Dream X
For this assignment, I was required to focus on a specific brand to research and hypothetically design for, which I chose to be Topshop. I picked the accessories classification and chose to focus on shoes and bags.

Lingerie tech pack

Lingerie tech pack X
A tech pack example of a bustier garment I designed. Includes technical flats, specs, construction details, and costing

Screenshots of a tech pack for a dress, done in Advanced Pre-Production for Apparel class at FIDM

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    Adobe Illustrator
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    Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
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I have a “sixth sense” for interpreting trends and developing them into unique designs quickly and efficiently. I have a strong knowledge of fabric and textile use and application. During my time at FIDM, I was nominated for FIDM’s Premier Marketing Group, a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and a social media ambassador for FIDM, as I am always ambitious to get involved and work as a team for a bigger goal. While working as a fit associate at Le Tote, I have also been responsible for breaking the company record high for site-wide best fit ratings.

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