Melissa Vanroo

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  • date: 1-12-17
Dear Recruiters, I have been in the womenswear apparel design industry for about 8 years as a freelancer and a designer in my own line. My personal strength in design would be in prints, color and embellishments. Thank you.

Ivel Jacqueline Leatheam

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  • date: 1-12-17
Experienced multi-faceted sportswear and textile designer. I love concepts. I work fast and I am methodical. I've worked from big companies to small start ups, from being a senior designer to a jack of all trades.

Aimee Bruyninckx

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  • date: 1-12-17
Experienced Handbag Designer. Seeking creative handbag projects where I can help push your line through adding salable handbag styles and interesting constructions. Currently working on research and line development with a variety of companies.