Michelle deMattos

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  • date: 8-2-19
Seeking New Opportunities in a productive and Creative work environment.Offering my knowledge of Fashion, Design, Color, and Production to an innovative and thriving work space. Samples of work:

Lewis Thomas

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  • date: 7-31-19
Logo Orbit itself reflects professionalism containing white-collared in-house team who committed and promising to the clients. We offer matchless concepts of online logo design services & web design company assuring 100% undertaking of your projects.

Clarence Walter

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  • date: 7-26-19
I am an apparel and accessories designer in NYC currently looking for freelance & full time work. I have worked for numerous established brands in NYC including names such as Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan among others.

Tara Owens

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  • date: 7-26-19
Highly experienced creative professional with a passion for detail and conceptualization, many years in the fashion industry contributing leadership skills, production patternmaking experience, technical design and creative design expertise.

Bella Ivory

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  • date: 7-25-19
Creative Director, Brand Visionary experience defining and building women's fashion, e-commerce marketing and creating awareness through innovative consumer engagement models that leverage the web, traditional and social media advertising and events.