Robin Mavis

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  • views: 107
  • date: 5-8-20
Freelance Senior Designer and Developer specializing in men's, women's, and youth snow outerwear, non-technical outerwear and apparel for the Outdoor Industry.

Kailie Boulton

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  • date: 5-7-20
If a design is well thought out, patternmaking and construction should fall into place. That's why I enjoy technical design as a catch all for the creative process. I believe it's a harmony between making the imagination a reality.

Julia Russell

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  • date: 5-7-20
It is not only my designing goal to have the ability to tell a story within the wardrobe of a character, but also reach out to audience members sharing in the experience, and inspire them in the same ways that the art of film has always inspire me.

Jozy Lopaze

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  • date: 5-7-20
Experienced fashion designer. Strong arts and design professional skilled in apparel design. Prior training with couture sewing techniques. Special interest in couture and luxury fashion design.