Marissa Noir

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  • date: 2-19-17
Marissa Noir’s three passions are art, music and fashion. Her goal is to combine them by making acrylic paintings that are then printed on fabric and design apparel and jewelry collections with female musicians in mind as the main target customers.

Ahmad abdush-Shaheed

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  • date: 2-19-17
I am a creative designer with a background in design and fine arts. Having worked in the fashion industry since 2002 as a Designer and Graphic Artist , I have acquired a strong skill set in technical design, graphic design, and merchandising.

Samantha Shammas

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  • date: 2-18-17
I am a designer inspired by culture with a passion for embellishments in eveningwear and bridal. I specialize in couture techniques, illustrations, and have a wide range of experience in the industry including design, events, and retail


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  • date: 2-17-17
Randa Accessories will be exhibiting at the Design – Only Career Fair in New York. Face-to-face interviews will be held on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at Penn Plaza Pavilion from 3pm to 7pm. Visit for more details. Men’s…