Carla Lopez

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  • date: 10-5-17
Senior footwear designer seeks position that leverages extensive design and business development experience.

Ginger Dominguez

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  • date: 10-4-17
I am a Designer and Atelier Manager specializing in better sportswear and high end evening wear. I currently consult in the areas or design and couture construction with brands such as Sachin and Babi, Marchesa and Kevin Johnn.

shelley Mays

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  • date: 10-3-17
Nature, Art history, Modern Art and architecture- The world is my inspiration. I look at the world thru creative eyes resulting in an endless love, passion and ability to design unique knitwear/cut and sew from mass to Runway.

Valentina GOMEZ

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  • date: 10-3-17
Creative designer with a classic look, between my talents there is, basic knowledge in sewing and pattern making, development of design concepts; portfolio building and that of mood-boards, scrapbooking, computer and photographic technology.